””””Yangzhou Baocheng Bio-Chemical Co. Ltd locates at Yangzhou, a beautiful and affluent ancient city in China. It was established in 1997, and now it becomes a High-Tech Company in the area of amino acid protective additives and amino acid protection.
”””” Baocheng company has accumulated rich experience in producing amino acid protective additives and protecting the amino acid. We have developed the Fmoc-OSu, Fmoc-Cl, Cbz-OSu, N-Hydroxysuccinimide, 9-Fluorenylmethanol, BOC-acidanhydride,BOC-ON, Fmoc-Amino acid series, BOC-Amino acid series, Z-Amino acid series, N-Acetyl-Amino acid series, amino acids methyl ester hydrochloride”¢amino acids ethyl ester hydrochloride series. These products are extensively used to protect the amino acid, Peptide Synthesizer£¬biology engineering, medicine synthesization, fine chemical, etc. Our company has several production lines and has a production capability of 50t/y for each kind of product. It is the production bases in the area of amino acid protective additives and amino acid protection in China.
”””” Baocheng company has established an improved research and develop organization. There are more than 20 technical personnel in our company, 90% of them are at or above bachelor”Æs degree, of which, over 30% are senior engineers, doctors, and postgraduates. At the same time, the research and develop center has established good relationships with several science research institutions in China, providing a strong technical assurance to the development of our company. Our company possesses complete production and inspection equipments, and has established strictly management system and improved quality assurance system. All the products in our company are produced according to USP standard.
”””” Baocheng company has an excellent marketing team with rich marketing experiences both in domestic and international market. The establishment and formation of fixed coordination relationships with several domestic and abroad customers has composed a domestic and international marketing net. We accumulated rich marketing experiences in the area of amino acid protective additives and amino acid protection.
”””” The development of Baocheng company owes to the great support and help of the customers and friends in all kinds of fields, which is also a strong foundation and power source of the past and future development of Baocheng company. Baocheng company has always adhered to the purpose of Quality being the first, Service being the important, closely paid attention to the demand of the customers, and has continuously broadened the market by high quality products and high effective service. We are willing to march with our old and new customers, and try to make development in the new century.